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When you want to increase your sales and have more exposure to the services or products that you offer in the industry, advertising is necessary to get your name out. There are many different types of ads that you can use, including a radio ad. If you want to reach more people, there are a few ways to create a great advertisement on the radio that will prove to be memorable.


1. Make it Simple

When people are driving in their car and are focusing on the road ahead, they won’t be able to give as much thought or attention to the facts that you present in your ad. Keep it simple and to the point during the 60 seconds of the announcement. Use the listener’s imagination and allow it to be memorable by keeping it simple.

2. Create a Hook

You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your audience, making it necessary to create a hook. Provoke their curiosity and think of a creative way of getting them to turn the volume up. The ad should stand out amongst other commercials on the radio and will need to be bold.

3. Know the Audience

Understanding your audience and what they want will allow you to sell them on your product or services. Avoid casting the widest net possible and make it a point to target a specific demographic or age group to ensure that you can succeed with what you’re selling. Make an authentic connection with your audience to ensure that the ad can tap into their emotions and is relatable.

4. Include a Call-to-Action

Don’t be afraid to end the ad with a call-to-action to make it easy for potential customers to find your website or visit your store when they’re interested in what you’re offering. Keep it simple to ensure that it’s memorable because most listeners won’t be able to write down a complex phone number or website.

5. Hire an Excellent Voiceover

You’ll need to hire a professional who can perfect the tone, expression, and pace that you’re looking for with the advertisement. The type of voice that is used in the radio ad significantly influences how successful it will be in drawing in your listeners.


Mitch Levy has spent nearly 30 years in radio and sports broadcasting after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse. Read more of his advice for the radio industry or check out his Twitter!