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One of the most acclaimed and influential artists of the 20th century was Frank Sinatra. Being one of the most successful selling musicians of all time, Sinatra is arguably the best artist and most iconic badass in the world.


All About Sinatra’s Career

Developing an interest in music at a young age, Sinatra began singing professionally as a teenager. His first major break came in 1935 when he joined a local singing group, the 3 Flashes. The group then changed their name to the Hoboken Four before auditioning and winning the Major Bowes Amateur Hour. Sinatra quickly became the group’s lead singer. From there, Sinatra worked with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey to gain some popularity and began releasing records. However, Sinatra felt the need to go solo in 1942 and released his debut album four years later.

Unfortunately, Sinatra’s career stalled by the early 1950s and he did not find success until 1953 when he starred in the drama film From Here to Eternity. The film led Sinatra to win an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Sinatra’s new fame led him to released five critically lauded albums and the creation of his own record label, Reprise Records. Throughout the rest of his career, Sinatra continued to produce records, give memorable and influential film performances, and appear in highly recognized films and musicals.


Why He’s The Best

Sinatra was the first modern pop star, and to put it bluntly, the greatest male voice ever. He never formally learned to read music, yet gained an impressive understanding of it. Over the years, Sinatra produced thousands of songs and starred in over fifty films. His most famous songs include “New York, New York,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “My Way,” and his recording of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Additionally, Sinatra’s best-known films include The Manchurian Candidate, Ocean’s 11, and On the Town.


More Than Just a Voice

Sinatra is a legend, not just because he had a hell of a voice, but his attitude made him an iconic badass.  Although there is no hard proof, it was believed that Sinatra had ties to the American Mafia. His godfather, Willie Moretti, was a notorious mobster and helped young Sinatra get bookings and a record deal. Sinatra also had ties to Lucky Luciano, who is considered the father of organized crime in the United States. The FBI also had over 2,000 records on Sinatra and kept him under surveillance for almost five decades.


Frank Sinatra has and always will be an icon in the music and film industry. During his lifetime, Sinatra not only created some of the best music in the world, he also built a legacy that many admire today.

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