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Getting your foot in the door and beginning a career in radio can be difficult but what can be equally as challenging is choosing what specifically you want to do in radio. There are a variety of career options to pursue from radio advertising, sales, radio personality, producer, etc. Choosing the right career path for you is important.



You know you want a job in the radio industry, but what exactly do you want to do? There are many different careers in the music industry, and the first step is to do a lot of research before deciding which career path to take. Different radio positions require various levels of education and training. There are many fields in radio and the earlier you determine what career paths you enjoy, the sooner you can start your education, training and skill development. Shadowing a few radio careers can be a helpful starting point for deciding which path is best for you.

Choosing a Career

It is necessary to decide on a career path so that you can start creating an action plan to land you the job that you are looking for. The primary roles in radio are split between management, creative and technical positions, and these three areas require three different types of training. Determining a career path and creating an action plan allows you to determine what classes you need to take and what skills you need to develop for essential daily job duties.  Most radio careers require some sort of education and formal training.


Completing an internship is important for all career paths because it provides valuable real-world experience. Radio stations often have internship opportunities in a variety of departments, and this will allow you to try out at all the different positions radio has to offer. Additionally, you will gain insight from those who are already excelling in the radio business. Internships are also great for receiving career advice and mentorship from professionals, which will help set you apart from the rest when applying for jobs in the future. An internship also gives you hands-on experience, something you can’t just get by going to class.


Careers in radio are so popular due to the exciting and fast nature of the industry. There are many careers in radio to pursue from radio personalities, advertising, and sales. It is essential to develop a plan early on and find out what areas of radio you enjoy so you can start developing your skills to have a successful radio career.
Mitch Levy has spent nearly 30 years in radio and sports broadcasting after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse. Read more of his advice for the radio industry or check out his Twitter!