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Video did not kill the radio star. People may think that the radio industry is dying due to  the popularity of streaming services, but radio is alive and even growing! The same number of people listening to radio today is the same number of people who were listening to the radio 50 years ago. Most Americans listen to the radio in the car on the way to work as well as on the way home which means hundreds of millions of people listen to the radio each week.The availability of radio is what makes it so popular. It’s the first thing you hear when you turn on your car or what you might have on while you’re at the beach or doing tasks around the house.

Radio isn’t dying, it’s actually growing. The way that radio is consumed is what is changing.  The availability of radio streaming apps like iHeartRadio has made listening to stations from across the country accessible as well as listening to your favorite station from home while you’re out of town. The station name just has to be searched on the app and it instantly picks up the signal and plays whatever is currently being broadcast!


Radio is easy to use and there is no “learning curve” like there is when learning how to use streaming service apps like Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music. All of your favorite stations can be pre programmed in your car which makes for easy listening. Some people view streaming services as a threat to radio which isn’t necessarily true. Everyone uses the mediums differently. New bands or songs can be heard on the radio and a streaming service can allow someone to find that band or singer and allow them to listen to more of their music.

On-air talent is also something that is going to heavily influence the future of radio. Since consumers can get music anywhere, the programs and morning shows hosted on local FM stations are some of the main reasons listeners choose the radio over a streaming service for their morning commute. While stations can be duplicated with the same formats, the station with the superior talent and morning show will always come out on top!


Radio will stay current because it is so readily available for consumers.  The radio industry will continue to grow and change as consumers look for new ways to listen to the radio. As long as people are listening to music, radio will be there!


Mitch Levy has spent nearly 30 years in radio and sports broadcasting after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse. Read more of his advice for the radio industry or check out his Twitter!